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Chic ShoppingChic&Shop recognizes your needs and time constraints and provides professional consulting on what, where and how to buy. Thanks to our in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of the destinations, Chic&Shop makes your shopping more fun and productive by providing you with the best itineraries of the most exclusive, luxurious and fascinating boutiques. We’ll take you to the paradise of fashion and design.

Chic&Shop works with international clients who wish to optimize what little spare time they have. With our territorial expertise, Chic&Shop consultants can interpret customers’ needs and meet all of their requirements, including advice on the most exclusive shopping, personal style, interior decor and art de la table, selection of classical and contemporary works of art, the search for precious, original gifts, and on the exclusive opening of show rooms.


Chic GiftsChic Gifts
From traditional to avant garde, from retro to modern, Chic Gift will help you find, buy, and ship the perfect gifts for our guests. When it comes to finding thoughtful, appropriate, and awe-inspiring gifts, Chic & Shop will literally go to the ends of the earth on behalf of those who simply don’t have the time to shop for themselves as well as our clients who just don’t know where to start. If your needs are for corporate gifts, our experience in thematic development of business-related incentives allows us to design a gift program tailored specifically for your company.

Chic & Shop has also created exclusive weekend (or longer) guided shopping experiences in all of our Chic destinations for you to give as a gift to the most discriminating shopper in your life.

Chic Shipping
From Rome to New York, from Rio to Dubai, at Chic & Shop, we will search the world over to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

To enhance your special gift choices, Chic & Sho
p will help select the perfect wrapping paper, gift card, all thematically and creatively coordinated.


Chic Shipping
Leave your vacation confident that everything you have lovingly and carefully selected and purchased for yourself and others will arrive at your doorstep before you do! Chic & Shop will arrange the packing, shipping and delivery, leaving you only to enjoy your journey home.


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