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Chic ExperiencesLuxury Travel
Traveling the Chic & Shop means always knowing that every detail has been studied, considered, and decided, in order to provide you with the ultimate luxurious experience.


Private RetreatsPrivate Retreats
Our extensive experience and connections allow Chic & Shop access on your behalf, to the world’s most exclusive boutique hotels, private retreats, and luxury homes and apartments. We pride ourselves on finding the most perfect location and experience to fit your needs and desires, always maintaining the highest degree of service, and discretion.


21th Chariots
Style doesn’t end with clothing. Top off your personal style retreat by slipping into a luxury or vintage automobile or private jet, or fully-staffed yacht.
To add even more to your creative moving adventure, Chic can procure vintage cars and motorcycles (complete with sidecars!) for any period of time. Let us take you to a new level of luxury. If you prefer a less mechanized though equally exhilarating experience, let us fit you with the perfect road or touring bicycle, or place you atop a world class steed.
21th Chariots

Now for a place to go.....For all of your 21st Century Chariots, Chic & Shop will design the perfect itinerary to enjoy yourself along the way, adding secret and exclusive stop
s to fit your tastes, and schedule.

Those who love the open sea will find kindred spirits at Chic & Shop. Let us escort you aboard a world-class cruising yacht or sail boat for an interlude of adventure on the high seas.


Chic WellnessChic Wellness
A Chic & Shop is an opportunity to pamper yourself.
After a day of fashion and style discovery, we can arrange for your immersion into a spa and wellness oasis.
Our relationships with exclusive spas in all of our Chic
Destinations allow us to shepherd you gently toward an afternoon, or a week of beautiful blissful relaxation.


Chic DiningChic Dining
A truly remarkable meal is a memorable event, particularly when taken in the finest restaurant or in a private and exclusive location.
Chic & Shop will make all the arrangements.
Your responsibility is your appetite.
Reserving the most sought after tables in the finest restaurants around the world, our staff will ensure you reach the heights of culinary satisfaction. Whether on the high seas or sitting placidly in harbor, if you would prefer to take your meals on board, we will arrange for all of your private dining needs through our connections with world-class catering purveyors.
Haute Couture does not end with fashion, but extends to your table. Whether your tastes run to the sweet and delectable, or to the savory and tantalizing, if you want a fashionable dessert or cutting--edge hor doerves, Chic & Shop will deliver.

For the most intense, themed, private dining, experiences, please consult Chic Celebrations.


Chic sport eventsChic sport events
Chic & Shop’s connections with top flight golf resorts across all of our Collection’s destinations allows for our guests to enjoy the most of what each exclusive course has to offer. Chic & Shop can also create memory of a lifetime opportunities to experience other exclusive events, including infield passes to Formula 1 and MotoGP, up close and personal seats to soccer games, rugby matches, and tournament tennis.

It’s our goal to take your idea to the finish line!

Polo, the sport of kings is played all over the world. Chic Sports holds your calling card into the most prominent, yet exclusive locations. Our connection with the equestrian world also extends to horse races. From the Palio in Siena to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, we can put the field glasses and champagne in your hands.



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