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Morocco is an astonishingly beautiful country that blends contemporary culture with tradition. It embraces the different cultures that have occupied its lands through history and it takes the influence of those cultures into everything the country does.
This is very true with the architecture and artistry of the country that in some cases, is over 1,000 years old. In the architecture and artistry of the country, you will find a wonderful blend of African, Arab, Berber, French and Spanish styles.

The markets of the country feature nearly everything you could ever want to find. From antiques to crafts to modern items you may not expect. For years, even centuries, artists, architects, designers and free thinkers have been coming to Morocco to experience the beauty of the cities and the landscape. Morocco is paradise to the shopper, and if you want to come here on a Morocco tour, it will be paradise to you.

We are the top luxury-tour provider in all of Morocco and we are here to turn your dream of a Morocco tour into a reality. On your Morocco tour, you will see some of the greatest marketplaces in Africa and you will find things you never knew you even wanted. Morocco is the dream of any shopper, and on your Morocco tour you will enjoy a truly amazing life experience.



For the past few thousand years, Moroccan women have been making rugs. Originally made for domestic purposes, the rugs are now made to entice shoppers with their amazing beauty. When you come on a Morocco tour with Sahara Soul Travel, we will show you all the best places to find the rugs that will be a perfect fit in your home.
Moroccan designs use color, because color is critical. As a result, you will see the art of dying wool by Moroccan rug artists as part of your Morocco tour. If you want to know where the rugs come from and how they are made, then we at Sahara Soul Travel can make it happen for you on your Morocco tour. From the dyer to the weaver the seller, we will show you the process that puts your Morocco rug together.
Sahara Soul Travel specializes in customized Morocco tours and we are ready to take you to the areas that some of the most beautiful rugs come from. From the Zemmour tribes who make amazing weavings, to the Berbers in the Middle Atlas who make stunning wedding capes, you will see it all as part of your Morocco tour.



Clay has been turned into jars, vases, plates and tagines for hundreds of years in Morocco. Either one simple color or a dazzling array of colors, your Morocco tour is not complete without seeing some of the amazing pottery the country has to offer. One of the best places to see this is Fez, where the most prized ceramics are embellished with silver onlay. As part of your Morocco tour from Sahara Soul Travel, we can also take you to Meknes, where you will see the famous chrome green pottery. Perhaps Marrakech is more to your liking and you want to see how the skilled Berber craftsman and women put together some of the household pots you see around the country.
The clay that is used to create some of the amazing pieces of ceramics in Morocco, is also used in the mosaics to which Morocco is famous for. Visionary workers create gorgeous mosaics that turn a bunch of pieces of glass into something that will truly dazzle your eye. Think of it like a big puzzle, and as part of your chosen Morocco tour, you can see it happen before your eyes.

Textiles and Embroidery

The hand-woven textiles in Morocco are full of colors that are influenced by the country’s sun and climate. Made from cotton and Moroccan silk, you can see the full-length traditional garments put together right in front of you when you make it part of your Morocco tour. The weaving is wonderfully inventive and is used in curtains, bed covers, clothes, pillows, tablecloths and more.



Since the 1500s, merchant ships have come and gone from Morocco with goods bound for Europe, and one of those goods was quality leather that were worn throughout European courts. Using the skins of cows, camels and goats, which are then dyed and dried by hand in Fez and Marrakech, some of the best leather in the world comes to be. On your Moroccan tour, you won’t be complete until you take a trip to these tanneries to see the process for yourself. In Marrakech, pick up some camel sandals or visit the people of the Rif Mountains and see their shoulder bags, satchels and earthenware belts.



The making of jewelry has a long history in Morocco. Today, gold and silverwork is done throughout the country and when you travel to the country on your Morocco tour, you will be able to visit the huge gold markets held in the large cities. You can check out the classic jewelry in Fez and Tangier, or see the floral designs on the jewelry in Essaouira.



In the rural areas, silver is king. Find out for yourself why when you go on a Morocco tour of some of the small towns that dot the landscape. See the silver items that are characteristic of the Berbers and the nomads. These men and women are highly skilled in putting together beautiful silver jewelry, and you can see how on your Morocco tour through us. Just leave the details to Sahara Soul Travel!



Morocco has a rich history of marble, fossils and other precious stones that has been admired for thousands of years. Check out the soft stones of Taroudant, which are turned into amazing geometrical shapes, as well as paperweights boxes and lamps. Go on a Morocco tour of Erfoud and see the quarries where black marble was extracted to adorn the palaces, or you can go to the High and Middle Atlas mountains to see the quartz, amethysts, manganese and crystals.


Ironwork and Copperware

On your Morocco tour with Sahara Soul Travel, you can see some of the most beautiful ironwork in the world. The Artistic skill and design is clear to see in the plates, trays and candleholders made by Morocco craftsmen around the country.



Why not get yourself a basket made out of the palm trees of Morocco? As part of your Morocco tour with us, we will show you some of the straw hats worn by the women of the Rif region, and the baskets with cone shaped covers used by Berbers to carry dates in the south!



Morocco has a long history of woodworking that dates back thousands of years. All that experience now translates into the woodwork that dominates the markets of the regions. On your Morocco tour, go to Essaouira to see the items made of thuya, an aromatic wood that is carved into everything from bowls to chess sets. You can go to Fez and Tetouan and see the painted boxes, or to Marrakech where hand-painted octagonal tables are highly decorated and ornate.



Morocco has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and when you go on a Morocco tour, it is impossible not to see. See how nature and light are used as key design elements in Moroccan buildings and how the interiors of many buildings are adorned with mosaics and hand-carved ceilings. As part of your Morocco tour, Sahara Soul Travel can show you the history, and the culture, of Moroccan buildings.


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