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MOROCCO / Essaouira Gnaoua Festival
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7 Days – Once a Year (usually in June)

Come to Morocco and witness the rich culture by participating in Essaouira gnaoua festival. The Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival celebrate the mysterious music of the Gnaouas and other worldwide rhythms. Originating through a cross-pollination of African magic and Islamic rituals, mesmerizing Gnaoua rhythms of drums and other instruments lead performers into a trance-like state. The Essaouira gnaoua festival is held in Essaouira, a picturesque port painted in blue and white that is the ideal resort of which most travelers dream: laid-back and yet vibrant, atmospheric yet relaxing. In this extraordinary melting pot of music, jazz, rock, and world musicians create original fusions on stage and share their musical cultures. Essaouira gnaoua festival performances are in afternoons and evenings, giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the idyllic charm of Essaouira by day. It is one of the major festivals in Morocco. Essaouira gnaoua festival performances are known to be one of the best out of the many festivals in Morocco.

Your musical journey at the Essaouira gnaoua festival begins with welcome by your private driver upon your arrival at Marrakech, an ancient city of weathered pink buildings and orange groves at the base of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Spend the afternoon at the Essaouira gnaoua festival with a private guide as you explore fascinating local souks (markets), ancient palaces, and lush gardens. Be sure to visit the Djemaa el-Fna at the Essaouira gnaoua festival, a carnivalesque public square where water sellers, snake charmers, magicians, and storytellers compete for an audience. Depart in the morning for the seaside town of Essaouira and home to the Essaouira Gnaoua Festival. A former Portuguese settlement in the 18th century, Essaouira overlooks an emerald sea where windsurfers frolic near the fringe of silvery beach and camels ferry passengers across fine sand. Dine at the fish market where you can select your fish to be grilled before your eyes. Explore the old fortress ramparts, browse artisan shops, or dream on the beach. Soak in the atmosphere that has been an inspiration since the 1960s for music legends from the Rolling Stones to Cat Stevens to Jimmy Hendrix, who composed Castles in the Sand on Essaouira’s beaches. Today the town continues to lure musicians and artists alike to the sparkling whitewashed fishing village trimmed with the brilliant azure of its skies. Depart at the conclusion of the festival, or extend your visit to discover many more of Morocco’s delights.


Itinerary Overview

DAY 1: Arrive Marrakesh
Private escorted tour of Marrakesh.


DAY 2: Marrakesh – Essaouira gnaoua festival
Private transfer to Essaouira.


DAY 3: Essaouira gnaoua festival
Private escorted touring and exploring; afternoon and/or evening festival performance.


DAY 4: Essaouira gnaoua festival
Private escorted touring and exploring; afternoon and/or evening festival performance.


DAY 5: Essaouira gnaoua festival
Morning at leisure; afternoon and/or evening festival performance.


DAY 6: Essaouira gnaoua festival
Morning at leisure; afternoon and/or evening festival performance.


DAY 7: Depart Morocco
Private transfer to Marrakesh airport.


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