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Trujillo, where the Moche and Chimu cultures have left us extraordinary construction such as the Huaca del Sol y de la Luna and Chan-Chan, the largest prehispanic adobe city in the world.  In Trujillo, spring is eternal. The sun always shines, filling with light even the most secluded corners in the capital of the department of La Libertad, brightening the spirit of a people both affable and cordial, who lives proud of its mud and adobe citadels built by the Chimus and Mochicas; its stately mansions, heritage of colonial times and beginnings of the Republic; and of the ’marinera’ , the national dance of Peru, a whirl of sensuality and gallantry from which love is born.     Trujillo, in the northern coast of Peru,  founded in 1534 by Don Diego de Almagro. Don Diejo made a stop in the valley of Moche river when he was advancing towards Pachacamac (Lima), and was heard to say "that he found the valley of Moche  suitable and promising for  a city.    

From the day of its foundation, the city increasingly progressed owing to the valley’s productivity and the tenacity of its people; builders of stately mansions
  with outstanding artistic railings in wrought iron adding a touch of distinction and elegance to Trujillo architecture.     

Trujillo beatify and enchantment goes beyond its colonial past and slips into the pre-Hispanic period.  Chan-Chan lies in the valley of Moche, capital of the kingdom of Great Chimu, considered to the largest city in the world to be built of mud covering an estimated area of about 20 square kilometers. This adobe city only compars in archeological remain to the great cities of Egypt and to Teotihuacan in Mexico.     

The Huaca del Sol , a stepped pyramid 20 meters high; the Huaca de la Luna, with fascinating murals representing the rituals of the Mochicas, and the Complejo del Brujo (El Brujo complex), distinguished for an adobe pyramid 30 meters high and over 15 centuries old, evidence the greatness of the first people to inhabit the north coast of Peru.     
This city seduces the visitor by the enchanting pleasant atmosphere of Trujillo, one can spend hours walking the streets, romantic square where one just sits and enjoy the city. It is said that visitor have a feeling of never wanting to leave.     

Of this you will become aware if you go to Trujillo; still, it is best to escape, if only for a moment, from the seduction and visit the archeological remains in the city outskirts or Trujillo’s beaches, like Huanchaco, where you will be able to watch brave fishermen ride out to sea on fragile "Caballitos de Totora", a traditional craft made with compressed reeds and of pre-Inca origin.     

The beach are know for great surfing, and you can see the locals as well as the tourist surfing. 
In September, the International Festival of Springtime and of the Marinera takes place in Trujillo; the city dresses up with rejoice, taking on a festive air that fills it with attraction.     

During the Festival, the famous Corso de las Flores (Parade of the Flowers) is held along with a variety of artistic and folklore shows which are enjoyed by thousands of local and foreign tourists; yet, that is not all, it is also ideal for enjoying the Marinera in all its splendor; the leading dance of Peru, an amorous pursuit full of elegance and gallantry. If you cannot visit Trujillo in September, there’s no need to worry for, throughout the year, the capital of the department of La Libertad has a mild and dry climate (average temperature for the whole year is 19C), and for which reason it has been named the "City of Eternal Springtime".


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