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Our understanding of serving is directly related to the demands of the travelers, from the point of view of guides, not business people. We know how to distinguish travelers from tourists, and our manner towards all of our “friends” is as they are all travelers, one by one. Our understanding of tourism is TRAVELING rather then touring, and we try to treat our friends as travelers rather than tourists. 
Tours: We give priority to meeting each participant’s needs and take pride in the personal attention we provide. Our tours are a wonderful learning experience as our guests meet many of the locals and gain an understanding of the Vietnamese people and culture. Additionally, we follow strict guidelines to preserve the environment and ecology. Simply, our goal is to provide the most comfortable way, benefit and joy of travel possible within the limits of given budgets while our friends explore the country and enjoys the natural beauty of the land. 
Qualified Staff: Our professional operating team and experienced
guides carefully designs each minute of the itinerary so that you get the most out of your trip. Details such as the most crowded times of the sites, the heat when visiting a site on a hill, your dietary restrictions are considered when putting together an itinerary. The majority of our staff members have an academic background, mainly in archaeology and history of architecture. All of our guides are experienced and have an in-depth knowledge of the areas we visit. They are fluent in English, well-mannered, flexible, and responsible, and all of them are officially certified professional guides. Most of them are multilingual guides. 
Small Groups: The minimum of the group is 6 and the maximum limit for each group is 14. Traveling in small groups allows the participants to get to know one another and also allows for more flexibility and spontaneity. 
For All Ages: Our tours are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. Vietnam is a fascinating destination that offers a memorable travel experience. Whether in the city or countryside, there is always something to stimulate young and old alike and arouse the spirit of adventure.


Accommodation: Boutique hotels are chosen with great care among the special class or select hotels with distinguished features. We try to avoid international chain hotels, where possible. The hotels we choose always have modern amenities in every room. The cleanliness and safety of the facilities is one of our primary concerns.


Transportation: Vehicles used in our tours are supplied from the most experienced tourism transportation companies, accredited specially to work for tourism. Depending on the group sizes, the vehicles can be full-sized deluxe buses, minibuses, vans or private cars, all with air-conditioning new models with professional tourism drivers. 

Itineraries: Our itineraries are designed to create a balance between traveling, sightseeing, and leisure time. Each trip has its own highlights. Detailed descriptions of tours can be found on the tour pages.


Meals: Meals are arranged emphasizing the Vietnamese cuisine, paying the utmost importance to freshness and hygiene. We usually choose restaurants outside of the hotel where you can enjoy your meal in the local atmosphere. We will do our best to accommodate special dietary preferences as long as we are advised prior to your departure. 
Shopping: We do not arrange any kind of scheduled group shopping. Tour participants will have plenty of free time to do their own shopping. Our experienced tour leader will provide you with information and suggestions on shopping if you desire. However, we will not take any responsibility for shopping or purchases made in Vietnam.


Safety: Safety is high on our list of priorities. All of our drivers are experienced and have excellent driving records. 

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