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Each trip being a “once in a life time” experience and a personal quest, we specialize in helping travelers craft travel experiences perfectly suited to their tastes, styles and temperament.


With all of our clients, this process begins with a conversation. As we get to know you, we recommend choices and opportunities not found in the guidebooks, and create itineraries paced and delivered in a way that is best geared to your personality and travel philosophy.


To begin the conversation, take a few minutes to learn a little bit about us and about all that we have to offer, then answer the following questions, or e-mail us directly if you are not comfortable with a form. We will then contact you to develop, refine and book your journey.


All information entered here will be kept purely confidential, will be used exclusively to help you plan your trip and will never be shared with any other party for any other reason, ever.


Please feel free to skip any question you do not feel comfortable answering.


Part One: Who You Are
Telephone #:
Email Address:
Preferred Contact: Email Phone


Part Two: Your General Travel Plans 
I am looking to travel
I plan on traveling
I would like to travel for
My total travel budget, with no airfare is

Part Three: Your General Travel Preferences 
I have traveled internationally before
I have traveled to VIETNAM before
I have researched my trip
In general, I like to have a guide with me
I like to "rough it"
My principal goal (s) in traveling are: (check all that apply)

To have a restful vacation
To have a lot of adventure
To experience a new culture
To experience the great outdoors
To shop for great traditional crafts
To go to out-of-the-way destinations
To do a little bit of everything
I'm not sure yet

Please rate the following statements:  
This is my vacation, it's important to me to stay in luxurious hotels and get lots of rest and relaxation.
I am willing to go to out-of-the-way attractions and destinations, even if it means 'roughing it' a little bit to get there.
I like to have every aspect of my trips planned out in detail well in advance.
I like learning a lot about the local history of the places I visit.
I like to get as close to the culture of the country I am visiting as possible.
I enjoy trying new things, but only if familiar standbys are easily available.
Do you have any special circumstances (such as a need for vegetarian or kosher meals, or a handicap) that we should know about? If so, please let us know:

Part Four: While in VIETNAM 
If you don't have any specific activities or areas of interest, and would prefer that we suggest some to you, please check here, and hit the submit button at the end of this questionnaire.
While in VIETNAM, I am particularly interested in visiting the following regions (select any that apply):
Mekong Delta
My Tho
Can Tho
Vinh Long
Phu Quoc
Vung Tau
Con Dao
Phan Thiet
Da Lat
Nha Trang
Qui Nhon
Hoi An
Da Nang
Ha Noi
Ha Long
Hai Phong (Cat Ba)
Sa Pa
I am particularly interested in the following (select any that apply):
Massage / holistic healing / herbal medicines / yoga / meditation / Tai Chi
Nightlife / “The Wild Side”
Water Sports (Swimming, jet skiing, scuba diving, para-sailing, beach skiing, water-skiing, boogie-
Kayaking / canoeing (rivers, reservoirs, and ocean)
History / culture (assist with archeology or restoration)
Shopping (custom-made shoes & clothing, art, handicrafts)
Humanitarian (participate in charity or teaching)
Botanical / Ecological (participate in maintenance and restoration of forestry, animal, and marine l
Architecture / history
Art (see galleries, exhibitions, private showings; do painting, handicrafts, masonry)
Music (listen & learn evolution of VN music, traditional to contemporary; play traditional instrumen
Life-style (Live like the VN people, in the countryside)
Life-style (Live like the VN people, on a boat)
Life-style (Live like the VN people, in the city)
Life-style (Live like a Buddhist monk, in a monastery)
Life-style (Live on a luxury yacht or cruise ship: Mekong River, Ha Long Bay, and coastline)
Agricultural (visit farms, learn traditional and current farming methods, prepare & eat fresh food)
Dance (learn traditional dance of many tribes)
Cooking (learn to cook VN food, from farm to table, 3 regions)
Language (learn to speak Vietnamese)
If Other, please describe:

Is there anything else that you believe will be helpful for us to know ( like your arrival & departure dates and cities)? Do you have any questions we can help you answer right at the beginning? If so, please state

Please review your answers before submitting, as this will ensure we're able to give you the very best service.

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